Professional Tips On How To Keep Your Carpet Fresh

Until their next professional carpet cleaning service.

How to Keep Your Carpet Fresh Between Professional Cleans

Forgive us if this sounds over the top, but there’s nothing quite like a carpet that’s fresh from a proper professional clean...!

Of course we would say that, but we’re not alone in this opinion. Many of our customers ask us how they can keep their carpet fresh between one deep clean and the next, and we’re always happy to offer some advice. These handy tips will help you keep on top of your carpet until the time comes for its next professional appointment:

These top tips will keep your carpet fresh!

JD Hancock - The Lonely Vacuum of Space

Vacuum frequently

Regular vacuuming doesn’t just make your carpet look neater; by removing specks of food and dirt it reduces the risk of small stains gradually accumulating on the carpet. For example, it always pays to catch a crumb of chocolate biscuit before anyone has trodden it in. There’s really no upper limit on how often you should vacuum – provided you’re not doing it so much that your social life is suffering! Once every few days would be a sensible frequency.

You shouldn’t just vacuum often – you should vacuum well. That means emptying the bag after every use to ensure optimal suction, and also checking your vacuum is set at the correct height. If the vacuum is set at a very low height, it could cause needless wear and tear on your carpet; if it’s too high it will lose suction.

Melissa Wiese - Baking Powder

Buy or make a carpet deodorant

There are two routes to go down if you decide to use a deodorant to freshen up your carpet. If you want to keep things as simple as possible you can choose from a wide range of brands at any major supermarket – though you should try whichever brand you buy on a patch of carpet which is normally hidden under an item of furniture before unleashing it on the whole carpet.

Alternatively, you can make your own cheap and wholesome carpet deodorant using baking soda and essential oils.

First, mix one cup of ordinary baking soda with 15-20 drops of essential oil (from lavender to bergamot, just pick up whichever you like the smell of the most from an aromatherapy shop, such as Holland & Barratt.) Once the two ingredients are well mixed, sprinkle the powder evenly across your carpet, let in sit for at least half an hour, then hoover it up. This is a cheap and extremely satisfying way to keep your carpet smelling fresh!

Andy Wright - Muddy Shoes

Prevention is better than the cure!

There’s no better way to keep a carpet clean over time than to lay down a few common-sense house rules. Asking your family to take their shoes off in the hall and eat their meals at the table is completely normal, and will help you to remove the main risks to your carpet’s cleanliness. Even business owners can take measures to reduce the amount of dirt that gets traipsed onto their carpets, such as placing doormats inside and outside the entrance.

Like anything in your home, your carpet is there to be used. You can’t wrap it up in cotton wool, but it doesn’t take much effort or discipline to treat it with respect.

It might also be a good idea to research how to clean up some common stains in advance!

Ian Munroe - Rug

Tactical rug placement

Rugs are your #1 secret weapon for in the fight to keep your carpet fresh!

Many people think of rugs as either an interior design feature or a crafty way to conceal immovable carpet stains. Both are true, but in our book the most important use of a rug is to protect your carpet from wear in the areas with the highest footfall.

Consider how people move through your home. What routes do they take? Identify the hotspots where people are likely to walk often or with a heavy tread, and consider acquiring a rug to cover the area. The centre and entrance(s) of your living room will be prime candidates for rug-based protection!

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